Abstracts. № 1, 2016 year
Svinolupov Y.G., Bragin N.A., Mashkin A.A. (e-mail: sjg@tpu.ru)

The sensor measuring the depth of immersion underwater vehicle

The results of the development and research of metrological characteristics of a pressure sensor to determine the depth of a deep-water apparatus. High measurement accuracy achieved using the method of algorithmic error correction of domestic pressure sensor and high-precision calibrator.

Keywords: sensor, error, digital correction, pressure calibrator.

Kikot V.V., Malanin V.P., Andreev V.G. (e-mail: inbox@post.su)

Research of the temperature characteristics of piezoelements of the dynamic pressure sensors

The temperature characteristics of the piezelements made from ceramic ferroelectrics for dynamic pressure sensors are cosidered. The results of the experiments for determining the temperature dependences of the capacitances of the piezoelements are presented. Experimentally defined dependence of output signals of the dynamic pressure piezosensor and the piezoelement from the the thermal shock effect wtith a temeperature of –196 °C are shown.

Keywords: piezoelectric transducer, dynamic pressure, temperature, a piezoelement, capacitance, dielectric constant, pyroelectric effect, temperature dependence.