Abstracts. 1, 2013 year
(e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Department Technology of aircraft instruments and control systems center of technological education

Given information on history of creation and development of the department Technology of aircraft instruments and control systems of federal state budgetary educational institution of higher professional education MATI Russian state technological university named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky. The basics of the educational process, implemented by the department on the basis of its deep integration into the instrument-making research, design and manufacturing industries aerospace industry with the implementation of targeted training of technology specialists in accordance with the basic trends of the industry and providing personnel support promising developments. Given information about the main integrated scientific and technical problems, solved by the department in close collaboration with industry and research organizations of the industry.

Keywords: educational process, targeted training of technology specialists, aerospace industry.

Suminov V.M., Galkin V.I., Akilin V.I., Vorobyov D.N., Krayneva N.N. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Development and prospects of micromechanical devices in flight control and navigation systems of aircraft

Considered the purpose and design of micromechanical attitude and heading reference system, developed by JSC "Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automation" for use in the control systems of the aircraft. The principle of action of attitude and heading reference system. The analysis of the basic errors of attitude and heading reference system. The methodology of the calibration process of attitude and heading reference system due to to its algorithmic compensation of systematic errors. The prospects of the attitude and heading reference system.

Keywords: micromechanical attitude and heading reference system, systematic errors, calibration process, algorithmic compensation of errors.

Shanin V., Shanin O., Tsarev I. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Parsing coherence optical imaging forms of natural vibrations of cylindrical cavity pressure

Analyzed holographic scheme for the interference with viewing angle of the surface under study 360, in relation to a cylindrical resonator frequency pressure sensors.
The chosen scheme with conical mirror, inside of which aligned with the axis of the cone is placed cavity. This scheme makes it possible to optimize the system design and evaluation of forms of natural vibrations of a cylindrical cavity pressure.

Keywords: hologram interferometry spectrum, spectrum-interferogram imaging interference.

Shishmarev V.U. (e-mail: vshishmarev@mail.ru)

Diagnostics of instrument micro electro motors by the investigation of thermal fields

The influence of the thermal fields mikroelektrodvigateley the axial tightening of angular contact ball bearings, stiffness, natural frequency and efficiency mikroelektrodvigateley. The technique and developed equipment for diagnosis mikroelektrodvigateley for research heat fields. The calculated and experimental data on the effect of temperature fields on the performance mikroelektrodvigateley.

Keywords: diagnostics, micro electro motor, heat fields.

Klimakov V.V., Molchanov A.V., Ulitenko A.I., Chirkin M.V. (e-mail: v.klimakov@mail.ru)

Possibilities of heat pipe application in strapdown inertial navigation systems

Problem of heat rejection from inertial measurement units as applied to strapdown inertial navigation systems is analyzed. Fast growth of SINS component density in comparison with power consumption tendency does not allow providing the SINS field reliability if to use as soon as natural convection, thermal radiation and heat conductivity. Flexible heat pipe breadboard construction meant for heat transfer is designed and tested. The construction developed is adapted to mechanical oscillation of inertial measurement unit.

Keywords: thermal conditions, strapdown inertial navigation system, laser gyro, quartz accelerometer, inertial measurement unit, thermal sensor, readout electronics, heat pipe.

Mishin V.Yu., Molchanov A.V., Chirkin M.V. (e-mail: mishvalera@yandex.ru)

Problem of initial quadrature signal digital processing in laser gyros

Angular displacements of rotating laser gyro are revealed on basis of its initial quadrature signal digital processing. Interference rejection method in the cases of low-frequency additive parasitic oscillation and parasitic amplitude-phase modulation is developed. The method experimental validation for slow monodirectional rotation and fast rotatory oscillation of helium-neon ring laser is executed. The advantage of the approach realized is high refresh rate of output data. It makes possible suppressing quantization noise and decreasing random error of the laser gyro.

Keywords: laser gyro, ring laser, Sagnac phase, quadrature signals, sampling frequency, digital processing.

Bulgakov V.V., Kulabuhov V.S. (e-mail: nit@mnpk.ru)

Comparative analysis of formal methods for the synthesis controller for servo system

Is an example of a comparative analysis of some known formal approaches to the problem of synthesizing the application of the control law for the tracking system, the control object which has features due to the presence in its structure of two integrating links and link delay, and the availability to measure only certain state variables.

Keywords: control law, controller, transfer function, servo system.

Mogilnaya T., Bobkov P., Tomilin V. Agibalov A. (e-mail: Mogilnay@mail.ru)

Development of devices for rapid analysis of the presence of toxins in drinking water

The Work Is devoted to the development of devices for rapid analysis of the presence of toxins in drinking water by the stimulated Brillouin scattering. In this study, the mathematical model of the distribution of concentrations of impurities in turbulent flow in the Euler approximation was built.
We was calculated in the programm ANSYS, to determine the speed at which the air bubbles to begin be generated. We conducted the study of the spectra of the return SBS and determined the rate at which you can watch the second harmonic of the Stokes components. Theoretical and experimental data were used in the development of optical circuit sensor device.

Keywords: optical scattering, liquid medium, rapid analysis of impurities in flow of water.

Molodnitskiy V.I., Malin R.G. (e-mail: tppisula@mail.ru)

Metods of strength improvement for adhesive joints in devices

The results of efficiency determination experimental works are presented for activation technologies for preparation of surfaces and adhesive formulation (composition) for glueing which provides its full agitation and deaeration.

Keywords: adhesive composition, adhesion, modification of surfaces actvation technologies.

Matvienko C.S. (e-mail: matvienko@kvintsystem.ru)

Ways and opportunities to improve the efficiency of process facilities through the use of modern automated process control system KVINT 7

There is a great amount of different PTP on the automated process control systems market. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. But very often they are highly specialized, developed under specific hardware, have poor integration with third-party systems, require much time on design, are difficult in study and debugging, have complexities in scaling and so on. The solving of these problems inevitably leads to the clients additional financial expenses, stoppages and decrease of plant effectiveness. The article outlines what a new generation of PTP KVINT can offer to improve the situation.

Keywords: automated control systems, program and technical package, simulation study, technological programming environment.