Abstracts. № 1, 2011 year
Bessonov A. (e-mail: didugan4@mail.ru)

Optoelectronic systems computer simulation based on virtual instruments technology

In the article is considered instrumentation systems computer simulation based on virtual instruments technology. The high efficiency of this approach is marked if complex and heterogeneous optoelectronic systems are simulated. The models of photometric system and its functional blocks are described.

Keywords: computer simulation, virtual instruments technology, graphic programming environment, instrumentation system, optoelectronic system, functional block, photometric system, virtual instruments library.

Shcherban’ I.V., Demin V.P., Mineeva K.V. (e-mail: shcheri@mail.ru)
The stand for diagnostic of the monitoring registrars of the vibration velocity components

The automatic control of a vibrating and mechanical functioning of the power turbine units of hydro power plants is carried out by means of the special automatic monitoring systems. The registrars for measure the vibration velocity components are used in this systems. Similar registrars are difficult multipurpose devices and it carrying out the periodic diagnostics of its. The board for periodical diagnostic of this registrars has been realized by the modern computing machines in the real time of observation. The practical realization of the approach suggested on the hydro power plants provides the reliability of the power turbine units defect detection.

Keywords: automatic control, registrars, vibration velocity components, diagnostics.

Rozhentsev V.S., Prokopenko Y.D., Marakhovsky A.V., Prokopenko I.Y. (e-mail: skbim@mail.ru)
The universal complete set of the eguipment for modernization of hydravlic test-machines

The technical posibilities of the developed eguipment for modernization of the hydravlic test-machines , made in former times were considered . They correspond to the definition of the basic characteristies of mechanical properties of materials. And they meet reguiments of modern domestic and fjreign standarts.

Keywords: modernization of test-machines, one-time static tests, tests for a stretching, test for compression.

Plotnikov N.M., Gulyaev V.G. (e-mail: atp@nngasu.ru)
Measuring instrument of the expense loose dielectric materials transported by air in closed pipelines

In the article questions of working out are considered and results of experimental researches of a contactless measuring instrument of the expense of a diphasic stream of loose building materials are resulted at pneumotransportation.

Keywords: expense measurement, loose building materials, pneumotransportation, effect of Pokkels, dispensing automation.

Dunaev A.V., Zherebtsov E.A., Rogatkin D.A. (e-mail: dunaev@ostu.ru)
Methods and devices of noninvasive medical spectrophotometry: means of substantiation of the specialized medical-technical requirements

This paper is devoted to the justification of medical-technical requirements for noninvasive spectrophotometry medical devices. As an example, it proposed a study of the problem of the registration of parameters of the blood microcirculation during low level laser therapy.

Keywords: non-invasive medical spectrophometry, laser doppler flowmetry, low level laser therapy, medical-technical requirements.

Mulev J.V., Slepcov V.V., Мulev М.J. (e-mail: Mulev@mail.ru)

Dielectric constant in diagnostics polar warmly- and energy carriers

In work the definition technique of calibration characteristics for capacitor gauges of diagnostics warmly- and energy carriers is offered.

Keywords: dielectric constant, water, ammonia, methanol, ethanol.

Shilin A.N., Petrov S.A. (e-mail: eltech@vstu.ru)
Analysis of rotational shells geometrics defining in ranging manner method errors

Simulation of rotational shells profile diagrams control by means of laser rangefinder method error appearance processes was considered in the article. Divergence angle of rangefinder laser beam, its instrumental error and mispositioning error of laser rangefinder were taken into account among errors sources. Decision conditions of measuring circuit parameters were obtained at which control error does not exceed legitimate value.

Keywords: laser rangefinder. measuring circuit. profile diagram. simulation. parameters and features of laser rangefinder.